Stunna Girl and Tommie Fight Video:  Are The Tapes Going Viral On Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, Telegram & Twitter Media? Checkout Here!

Latest News Stunna Girl and Tommie Fight Video

This article shares details of a Stunna Girl and Tommie Fight Video, where two celebrities were caught on camera having a fistfight.

Did Stunna girl fight with Tommie? Was there a fistfight between them? Tommie Lee keeps making news, and not always for sound reasons. Therefore, people across the United States and other countries believe she can never get a break.

The fight between the two had made headlines, and people enjoyed watching it. Many users are looking for what content is there in the footage shared. So, check out Stunna Girl and Tommie Fight Video details in this post below.

Disclaimer: This post contains an incident that does not involve or promote such issues.

What became of Tommie and Stunna Girl?

Tommie and Stunna were implicated in a heated argument that escalated into violence while filming a brand-new reality show for the Zeus network. The punching brawl between reality star Stunna Girl and her competitor, Love and Hip Hop artist Tommie Lee, was epic for viewers.

When Stunna was accused of referring to Tommie, a granny, as a “wrinkly aged lady,” the mainstream press assumed that something had gone wrong.

Tommie allegedly became upset and assaulted the talented artist. On Tiktok, this incident has also gone viral. However, the link is inoperable.

Is Tommie being chastised?

Stunna Girl is a hip-hop celebrity with two significant singles, “On the Record” and “Real Rap,” the former of which was uploaded to the YouTube channel Proxclusiv M.

Following the release of Tommie’s heated exchange with a California Interplanetary Hotel employee, the Love and Hip Hop star is facing backlash. The hospitality worker evidently did not even like how she and her friends acted after a fight.

What exactly is in Tommie’s video?

According to an Instagram post from the fight with Stunna girl, Tommie was unprepared for what happened next. We have evidence that Stunna Girl grabbed Tommie and tore her clothes and hair away.

Tommie was caught on camera shortly after a struggle. Even her weaves were removed from the stunning Love & Hip Hop diva. Tommie, on the other hand, does not appear to be bothered by anything. The footage was also looked up on Telegram, but it was not found.

What role did Tommie play in the footage?

Her fight with Stunna Girl, another Zeus cast member, resulted in the footage being released just a few days later. In another clip, Tommie Lee can be seen leaving a nightclub without her wig or top on.

According to reports, Stunna’s boyfriend joined the two in a multilateral fight and fought a girl on the opposing side. Many Channels on youtube have also posted fight footage of Stunna and Tommie.


Tommie and Stunna Girl engaged in a fist fight during a reality television show shoot. The video clip has been shared on numerous social media platforms, including Twitter and other sites. More information about the fight between Tommie and Stunna’s girl can be found here.

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Stunna Girl and Tommie Fight Video: FAQs

Q1. Which celebrities fought recently?

Stunna Girl and Tommie

Q2. Who exactly is Stunna Girl?

Stunna Girl is a well-known social media influencer.

Q3. What is Tommie famous for?

Hip Hop and Love artist

Q4. What are the most well-known albums by Stunna Girls?

“Real Rap” and “On the Record”

Q5. Where did Tommie and Stunna Girl have their fight?

Tommie and Stunna Girl fought over the reality TV show.

Q6. What should Tommie do in the face of criticism?

Tommie is under fire for her altercation with a California Intercontinental Hotel employee.

Q7. What exactly is the Stunna Girl and Tommie Fight Video?

It’s video of Tommie and Stunna Girl fighting.

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